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North Port Area

Location & services make the Port a haven for intermodal shipping

The North Terminal Area located between I-195 to the north and Route 6 to the south has eight major port operating facilities.

  1. North Marine Terminal – This 10 acre facility offers a laydown and open storage area. It was developed as the USEPA Dewatering facility with direct CSX rail access. The New Bedford Port Authority (NBPA) facilitates use of this site.

It has:

  • 300 linear feet of bulkhead with a draft of 15 feet
  • A multi-track rail spur that extends to a newly constructed bulkhead
  • The capacity to accommodate direct load-out rail-to-ship and support loading and unloading of equipment
  • A new Ro/Ro ramp for truck-to-barge transfer

Planned expansions include:

  • Extension of the bulkhead providing a continuous 1,200 feet of bulkhead
  • Adding 5 acres of usable land
  • Additional rail spurs allowing for additional vessel/rail
  • Intermodal opportunities including load-on/ load-off and rail-barge Ro/Ro

2. Maritime International - With 4.5 million cubic feet of cold storage, Maritime International has one of the largest U.S. Department of Agriculture-approved cold treatment centers on the East Coast for the use of restricted imported fruit. They have 600 feet of berthing with a 30 foot water depth.

3. Kilburn Street – 4.8 acre open storage facility immediately north of the Revere Copper facility. Capability to have 550 feet of bulkhead with a draft of 30 feet.

4. Revere Copper – 12.5 acre facility with 3.6 acres of lay down, open storage and parking area and 8.9 acres of building. Capability to have 520 feet of bulkhead with a draft of 20 feet.

5. Mar-Lees Seafood – 2.87 acre facility with open storage, parking and loading area. Capability to have 263 feet of bulkhead with a draft of 20 feet. The facility is serviced by rail with an on-site rail spur.

6. Wamsutta Mills – 3.2 acre facility with capability for lay-down operations. Located west of the Mar-Lees Facility with no berthing, therefore dependent on another facility for access to the harbor.

7. Packer Marine – 2 acre facility located to the north of North Marine Terminal and adjacent to the New Bedford Rail yard. 200 feet of berthing space along the east face of the property with a draft of 18 feet and includes a Ro/Ro ramp.

8. Bridge Terminal – Located on Fish Island, immediately north of the Route 6 bridge. This facility has 1.3 acres of open storage. The north side of the facility has approximately 250 linear feet of berthing space with a draft of 23+ feet.

9. New Bedford Rail Yard – 33.5 acre facility with on-rail railcar storage of 12 acres with staging for more than 100 rail cars.

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