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Central Port Area (State Pier)

Location & services make the Port a haven for intermodal shipping

The Central Port Area located between Route 6 to the north and the South Terminal Area to the south has three major port operating facilities.

1. State Pier Terminal – This facility is owned by Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is home to freight, cruise, ferry, excursion and commercial fishing operations. The New Bedford Port Authority through Memorandums of Understanding manages the Ferry Terminal and Cruise operations.  See the State's marketing material here.

  • State Pier Terminal has over 8.5 acres available to accommodate 500 shipping containers (stacked) and staging for 70 trucks, with over 1,500 lineal feet of vessel berthing with over 1,100 feet able toaccommodate 30 ft. draft vessels with 780 feet on the south side and 380 feet on the east side of the pier.
  • State Pier Terminal is used for a variety of shipping and maritime commerce, currently housing a ferry terminal, cruise docking facilities, and cargo facilities which handle bulk and breakbulk cargo including wood and fruit imports, as well as scrap, heavy recycled goods and processed seafood exports.
  • Plans for the State Pier Terminal are extensive. They include: re-habilitation of the rail line that services the Pier including extension to allow for Lo/Lo transfer; addition of mobile cranes; and an additional mobile Ro/Ro ramp for expansion of the vessel/truck intermodal shipping opportunities. Additionally, the reconfiguration of surface infrastructure will increase utility and efficiency.

2. Sprague Facility – This 2.5 acre fill pier facility is located immediately north of South Terminal. The pier facility extends eastward into New Bedford Harbor and has capability of 395 feet of bulkhead.

3. Co-Op Wharf Lay-down Area – Approximately 2 acres of lighted open storage, this lay-down area and parking is just north of the State Pier Terminal, with shallow draft berthing and direct access to State Pier Terminal..

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