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Operating Areas & Marine Terminals

Location & services make the Port a haven for intermodal shipping

Port of New Bedford Operating Areas and Marine Terminals

The Port of New Bedford offers three main operating areas: North Port Area, Central Port Area, and South Port Area. Significant improvements in cue include:

  • Construction of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal
  • Reactivating rail connections to State Pier and other port terminals
  • Warehouse upgrades for perishable goods

The improvements at these facilities will allow for more efficient use of the terminals to further enhance the Port’s ability to service the intermodal shipping industry.

Within these Port operating areas are both public and private operating marine terminals and facilities.

North Port Area

  • Over 33 acres of paved and unpaved storage area and staging areas
  • On-rail railcar storage
  • Staging for more than 100 railcars

Marine terminals and facilities:

  1.  North Marine Terminal, USEPA Dewatering Facility/CSX Rail Connection
  2.  Maritime International
  3.  Kilburn Street
  4.  Revere Copper
  5.  Mar-Lees Seafood
  6.  Wamsutta Mills
  7.  Packer Marine
  8.  Bridge Terminal
  9.  New Bedford Rail Yard

Central Port Area

  • Over 17 acres of staging and lay down at State Pier Terminal
  • Room for 500 stacked containers
  • Staging for 70 trucks
  • 80,000 sq. ft. of inside heated warehousing

Marine terminals and facilities:

  •  State Pier Terminal
  •  Sprague Facility
  •  Co-Op Wharf Lay-down Area

South Port Area

  • Will have 20+ acres of finished staging and lay-down area at New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal

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