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Rail Services

With reliability, speed and efficiency, the Port is connected

Unique to working waterfronts, New Bedford Ports offers developable land, direct rail access to the water, and an active rail-yard that services cargo and freight rail. Rail connections service New England, the US Mexico, and Canada. The New Bedford Rail Yard is a 33.5 acre facility with 12 acres of onrail railcar storage and staging for more than 100 railcars.

This provides the Port the potential for a dedicated rail yard, avoiding costly delays and congestion that many other railways on the Northeast corridor experience. Currently, rail connects directly to the wharf-side bulkhead at North Marine Terminal, allowing for direct Lo/Lo. Easily upgradable rail lines also exist at Marine Terminals within the Central Port Area and South Port Area, and planned expansions at those facilities include rail upgrades to allow for Lo/Lo and/or Ro/Ro capabilities.

The ongoing Port enhancement initiative includes options for rail extension to increase overall connectivity. The freightrail terminal in New Bedford is considered a major asset to both the Region and the Nation, as evidenced by the recent award of a multi-million dollar USDOT Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant appropriation for repair and upgrade of bridges on the New Bedford Rail system.

Constant upgrades and improvements have been made to the system over the past decade, and recent investments and improvements have reduced transit times and increased flow volumes. Besides having convenient active rail, the New Bedford Rail Yard has extensive sidings permitting both short-term and long-term storage of railcars. Additionally, there is significant leasable storage/lay-down area within the Rail Yard adjacent to the track lines, allowing for secure storage of goods and containers, if required.

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