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Ocean Transportation

The Port of New Bedford welcomes vessels from around the world

Welcome to the Port of New Beford, your connection to world and domestic markets. New Bedford is a deepwater commercial port with easy access to the northern transatlantic shipping corridor. The Port connects to international markets including Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Europe, and Africa. Ideally located on the southern coast of Massachusetts off Buzzard's Bay (just 9 nautical miles south of the Cape Cod shipping canal), the Port offers the ability for shippers and carriers to cost effectively move freight. In nautical miles, the Port sits 64 miles south of Boston and 146 miles north of New York City, connecting shippers to the heavily populated Northeast corridor. The Port serves as an ideal hub for feeder services and domestic American Marine Highway trade.

Harbor, channel and navigation area dimensions are:

  • Hurricane Barrier Harbor Entrance Width: 150' (45.7m)
  • Harbor Main Channel: Water Depth 30' (9m)
  • Harbor Main Channel: Width 350' (45.7m)
  • Vessel Maneuvering Area: Water Depth 30' (9m)
  • Inner Harbor Anchorage: Water Depth 25' (7.62m)
  • Vessel Berthing: Available up to 557' (170m) with future berthing at New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal
  • Terminal up to 1100' (335.28m)

The hurricane barrier, which can be closed during hurricane conditions and severe coastal storms, can accommodate vessels with beams up to 120 ft and with drafts up to 30 ft. This feature makes New Bedford the most protected, yet accessible, port on the Eastern Seaboard. Additionally, the Port is exempt from the Harbor Maintenance Tax.

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