Port of New Bedford

America's #1 Fishing Port

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Cargo and Distribution Facilities

Local Connections = National Markets = International Trade


New Bedford offers excellent access to local and regional distribution and warehousing centers with cold storage capacity, and related services including shipping agencies, freight forwarding and stevedore services, and truck brokering facilities.

The Port of New Bedford is ideally suited to play a major intermodal shipping role:

  • Strategic access to major interstates reaching New England markets and densley populated urban centers
  • Rail connections to all major rail corridors in the Northeast, the US, Mexico and Canada
  • Connections to New Bedford's Regional Airport (3.5 miles of the marine terminals)

Unlike many other urban ports, what distinguishes the Port of New Bedford as a shipping-friendly port is its ample staging area and a well honed, and very active, distribution business infrastructure.

Port of New Bedford is:
Local Connections = National Markets = International Trade

The New Bedford region is home to over 100 active distribution centers, servicing everything from the building industry to the restaurant and food services industry. Thousands of trucks are navigating the highways around the Port of New Bedford on any given day, connecting the trade in the Port with customers through a distribution network that is the envy of the industry.

The Port of New Bedford boasts numerous local and regional opportunities for the staging and storage of shipped goods and commodities. Staging areas exist at all three of the major marine terminal areas in the Port and at the adjacent New Bedford Rail Yard. Additional staging areas lie within 6 miles of the Port: The New Bedford Industrial Park and New Bedford Regional Airport. All staging areas are supported by a port, truck, rail and air transportation network.

New Bedford Industrial Park

  • Within 6 miles of the Port
  • 30 acres of staging and lay-down area

New Bedford Regional Airport

  • Within 3.5 miles from the Port.
  • 30 acres of staging and lay-down area outside the terminal areas

Regionally, within 30 miles of the Port, over 100 acres of usable staging and lay-down area are available to meet the shipping industry needs, making the Port of New Bedford one of the most logistically friendly ports in the Northeast.

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