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Moorings & Fees

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There are 464 moorings in the both inner and outer harbors for recreational use. Of those, 91 are rental moorings for transient boaters.

View the Inner Harbor map to see the general location of the Pope's Island and Gifford Street mooring fields, boat ramps, and dinghy docks. View a close up of the Pope's Island & Gifford Street Mooring fields to see actual mooring numbers and layout. See the Full Harbor Map, which shows all mooring fields along the New Bedford Coastline.   

Moorings are available for recreational boaters on either a seasonal basis (private/recreational mooring) or transient basis (rental mooring).

Private/Recreational Mooring Fees:

Seasonal mooring - $150 annually - see how to apply for a mooring from the HDC below.

Transient/Rental Mooring Fees:

Rates vary from $30 and up per night.  You can rent a mooring from the private companies listed below or from the HDC ($35 and up).

  • Captain Leroy’s
    Pope’s Island | New Bedford
    (508) 992-8907 | captainleroys@aol.com
    Restrooms, Showers, Ice
    60 Slips | 15 Moorings | Max Length: 55'
  • Whaling City Moorings & Launch
    13 Hamilton Street | New Bedford
    (508) 984-4979 | (508) 207-6994
    Moorings, Launch Service, Harbor Tours
    30 Moorings | Max Length: 45'
  • Harbor Development Commission (HDC)
    52 Fisherman’s Wharf | New Bedford
    Office: (508) 961-3000
    Harbor Agents: (508) 989-4279
    VHF Channels 09 | 74
    11 Moorings | Max Length: 55'
    The HDC Mooring Rates at Pope's Island and Gifford Street:
    • Boats ≤ than 44’ LOA  - $35.00 per night
    • Boats ≥ than 44’ LOA  - $45.00 per night
    • Second boat rafted (must be ≤ LOA of primary boat) - $15.00 per night
    • Reservations are accepted by calling (508) 961-3066 or (508) 979-1456 or VHF Channel 74.
    • Gifford Street Mooring fees include one parking pass for Gifford Street parking area, $25.00 for each additional parking pass.

Name of Mooring Field

# of Moorings


Inner Harbor (north of Hurricane Barrier)


Pope's Island Marina Moorings - North



Back Bay Moorings



Pope's Island Marina Moorings - South



Gifford Street Moorings



Outer Harbor (south of Hurricane Barrier)

Frederick Street Moorings



Acquidneck Street Moorings



Butler Flats Moorings




West Rodney French Boulevard Moorings



Clark's Cove Moorings






How to apply for a mooring with the HDC

Download the HDC Private/Recreational Mooring Application

Fax or submit the Mooring Permit Application to the HDC:  Fax # is 508.979.1517

Rules and Regulations:

  • Any person or business who desires an annual permit for the placement on a temporary basis of a recreational or commercial mooring to secure a vessel, float, raft, or related structure held by a permanent bottom-anchored mooring system must submit a written Mooring Application to the HDC, together with a one-time, non-refundable application fee.
  • The application fee is for the processing of the application and is separate from any mooring permit fee required herein.
  • No part of a mooring system, including anchor or ground tackle, may be set prior to the issuance of a permit by the HDC for the placement or maintenance of said mooring at a location established and approved by the HDC.
  • Any mooring system set without authorization of the HDC may be removed immediately by the HDC and the expense associated therewith will be the responsibility of the applicant/owner and the permit application shall be forfeited.
  • All ground tackle and other appurtenances shall be deemed abandoned and disposed of by the Harbor Development Commission at the owner's expense.

HDC management of Mooring Fields

The Harbor Attendants operate and maintain the ten mooring fields in the inner and outer Harbor consisting of a total of 496 moorings as well as two dingy docks (Pope's Island Marina and Gifford Street). The chart above lists the mooring fields and number of moorings per field.

Harbor Attendants are responsible for assigning moorings and keeping track of user applications submitted annually. The Harbor Attendants also manage the annual billing and disseminate copies of the current Mooring and Anchoring Regulations. As required by Massachusetts General Law, waiting lists are maintained for mooring assignments.

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