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Dinghy Docks, Boat Ramps and Racks

The HDC oversees the dinghy docks, ramps and racks for recreational use. The Inner Harbor Map shows their general location.

Dingy docks:

  • Pope’s Island Marina - East Side of marina off Route 6 parking log
  • Gifford Street - Follow channel west of Palmer Island to Gifford Street boat ramps
  • US Coast Guard Park - South of State Pier next to the schooner Ernestina

Public boat ramps:

  • Gifford Street - Western end of hurricane barrier
  • West Rodney French Boulevard - south of hurricane barrier
  • East Rodney French Boulevard Boat Ramp - Clark's Cove south of hurricane barrier

Dinghy Racks:

  • Gifford Street - Western end of hurricane barrier

Rates and Fees for Dinghy Docks, Racks and Ramps

The HDC Commissioners vote on and set the rates, and rules and regulations for all categories of mooring customers and boat ramp users, which are published in the Official Mooring and Anchoring Regulations.  The HDC Official Rules and Regulations (Links Temporarily Disabled) cover general Harbor requirements and policies. They are available in both hard copy and on-line.

  • Marina Facility Use Fees

    •  $7 Daily use
    • $150 Seasonal Pass
  • Recreational Ramp Use
    • $7 Daily Ramp Fee
    • $55 Seasonal Ramp Pass
    • $25 Seasonal Recreational  Mooring Dingy Ramp Launch (includes Parking)
    • $40 Dingy Rack Space
    • $150 Dingy Dock Space

Harbor Attendants are responsible for the administration of ramp fees and conduct enforcement of the voted rules and regulations for boat ramps.

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