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Drop the hook in our beautiful anchorage area

See where you are welcome to anchor in the Inner Harbor Map.

The New Bedford Port Authority (NBPA) has the following anchoring regulations to make this a safe place for all.

Anchoring by permission only- North of the RT 6 Swing Bridge (North of Pope's Island Marina).

  • In no case shall a vessel anchor in the main channel, maneuvering areas, mooring fields or fairways.
  • All vessels anchoring in the harbor must notify the NBPA within one (1) business day providing a contact telephone number, name of vessel and owner.
  • All vessels must monitor VHF Channel 9 while anchored.
  • All vessels must have someone aboard while anchored or have a working anchor drag alarm that will notify them if their vessel is dragging anchor.

Any violation may result in the NBPA ordering removal of the vessel with all of the associated costs transferred to the owner.

The NBPA publishes all the rules and regulations in the Official Mooring and Anchoring Regulations (updated 2014) in both hard copy and on-line.        


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