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General Support and Services

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UMASS-Dartmouth LOOP Bus

One of the many services the NBPA provides is the UMASS-Dartmouth loop bus. The Facilities Manager arranges use of the public Whale’s Tooth Parking Lot, NBPA shuttle buses and an NBPA driver to shuttle college students and faculty to and from the UMASS Dartmouth campus. The LOOP bus runs off-season from September to May when school is in session.

General Support Services

The NBPA operations general support services are primarily the responsibility of the Harbor Master officials, who act as agents to the NBPA, and report to the Executive Director. The Harbor Master officials' support staff includes custodial and refuse workers.

The Harbor Master officials and their staff are generally responsible for the maintenance of facilities and equipment, safety, security and emergency response, and management of parking on NBPA piers and wharves. Specifically, the Harbor Master officials are responsible for the following:

  1. Identification of boat owner in case of emergency
  2. Sewage pump-out service available at no cost, seven days a week
  3. During the peak season, the Harbor Master officials provide fresh water service and garbage removal from the American Cruise Line ships (typically one day on the weekends) 

General maintenance of NBPA facilities includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Minor dock repairs, cutting grass, snow removal, painting, sign design and installation
  2. Maintain ticket spitters and monitor lighting (replace bulbs, as needed) at Whale’s Tooth Parking Lot 
  3.    (oil and grease monthly)
  4. Maintain NBPA office
  5. Daily pier trash pickup on NBPA piers
  6. Daily collection of trash from all NBPA facilities and dock trash and delivery to New Bedford land fill
  7. Snow removal at Whales Tooth Parking Lot, Ferry Terminal at State Pier, and NBPA office (stairs and porch)

It is the responsibility of the NBPA to enforce all laws, rules, and regulations governing the Harbor (See Chapter 3, in the NBPA Operations Plan). The Harbor Master officials are responsible for monitoring fishing vessels tied up to NBPA piers and wharves as well as parking on NBPA property. The Harbor Master officials also provide emergency pumping of boats when sinking at the dock or in the Harbor, if needed, and assist with oil spills in the Harbor (the NBPA has 110 feet of oil boom to boom around boats to contain oil if a boat docs sink or spills oil).

NBPA Security patrols Pope’s Island Marina and all wharfs and piers during nighttime hours. Harbor Attendants greet all boats, inform and direct recreational boaters to get supplies, restaurants, and gift shops, etc. and provide an added level of security during the daytime hours of operation. 

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