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What's Up, Dock? Grant Funded Projects

Current Port Projects in the Works

Over $157.4 million in grants have come to the NBPA since 2007 for harbor improvements (over $32.7 million was directly managed by the NBPA) . The NBPA also has leveraged millions of dollars from private investments. The NBPA gratefully acknowledges the support and funding by numerous public and private agencies and groups. 

Current projects underway are:

Commercial Fishing

  • Commercial Fish Pier Repair & Expansion ($650,000 Seaport Council) - This project repairs Steamship Wharf and Leonard’s Wharf

  • Shore-side Power on Commercial Fishing Piers ($540,000 CMAQ; $1,000,000 EPA) - This project electrifies the commercial fishing piers so that industry does not need to run diesel generators when idle        

  • Commercial Pump-out Facility ($21,325 CZM Coastal Pollution Remediation Grant) - This project is for a commercial pump-out facility to be located on the NE corner of Pier 3

  • Bilge Water Transfer Station (Assessment Funded by NBPA; Seeing Funds fo Construction) - This project develops a bilge water transfer and treatment program for the Port

  • Commercial Fishing Pier Lighting and Light House Improvements ($500,000 Seaport Council) - This project improves pier lighting and fixes light houses


  • New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal ($1.6 Million Engineering MassCEC) - This project develops a 28.25 acre facility to support offshore energy development; Import/export trade; and American Marine Highway Trade

  • East Coast Marine Highway Initiative ($310,000 MARAD) - This project is to build an actionable American Marine Highway Network (New Bedford, Baltimore, NJ, Canaveral)

  • Market Study for State Pier ($17,000 Seaport Council) - This project builds a business plan for State Pier

  • Import/Export Study ($30,00 0Seaport Council) - This project builds the case for freight rail and builds a business plan for import/export trade


  • BIG Grant ($95,000 - Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF)) - This provided funds for transient recreational boating infrastructure

  • Recreational Boating Launch and Dinghy Docks ($75,000 Seaport Council Grants) - This project included improvements for accomodating recreational boaters

  • Gifford Street and Back Bay Moorings ($37,521.25 Dredge Account) -This project regrids moorings at Gifford Street and Back Bay (as displaced and impacted by navigational dredging and Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) construction)

  • Hurricane Barrier ($50,000 Seaport Council) - This project pilots paving the Hurricane Barrier (Phase one of Hurricane Barrier Walkway Project)

  • Pumpout Boat ( $69,400 DMF) – This project provides a new pumpout vessel

  • Sawyer Street Docks ($300,000 Seaport Council) - This project builds a launch for rowing programs and events

  • Harbor Trustee Projects ($3 Million Harbor Trustee - City Managed, $50,000 Seaport Council to support Palmer's Island Project) -These projects include developing the Upper River Walk as well as providing access and restoration to Palmer’s Island


  • Harbor Coordinator Grant ($50,000 Seaport Council) - This funding supports oversight and project management

  • Tonnesson Park Marina ($265,000 Seaport Council) -This project builds slips for port security vessels and harbor excursion boats

  • Intelligent Technology Grant (ITS Grant) ($1,600,000 MA DOT) -This project is building a truck appointment system, vessel tracking system, and has engineered the port camera surveillance system 

  • Port Security Grants ($3.6 Million FEMA) -  This project has ramped up the port’s security capabilities with patrol vessels (Harbormaster vessel, fireboat and police boats); port camera system; radios; surveillance robotic equipment; fire & police personnel; and security gear & equipment 

  • Phase IV Dredging (Dredge Account;  Future Ask to Seaport Council) - This project continues the navigational dredging program for the PortUS Army Corps Federal Channel Dredging ($466,000 USACE) - This project dredges the federal channel into the Port

  • EPA Lower CAD Cell ($9M EPA) - This project builds a CAD cell in the lower harbor to support superfund clean-up

  • EPA Superfund Clean-up ($15M Annually EPA) - This project cleans contaminated sediment from the Harbor

If you have any questions about the above projects, please don't hesitate to contact the NBPA.


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