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Our Port is Green, Safe and Secure


The NBPA is proud to report we have many environmental initiatives in progress, Here are a few of our green efforts:

  • Designing Storm Water Management Systems
  • Engineering Bilge Transfer Stations
  • Engineering Commercial Pump-out Stations
  • Providing Pump-out Boat Service for Recreational Boaters
  • Constructing Shoreside Power for the Commercial Fishing Docks
  • Launching Fishing for Enerrgy - an Environmental Program
  • Installing Energy Efficient Lighting on Commercial Fishing Docks
  • Going Virtual: we're using digital e-mailings and newsletters vs. traditional direct mail printing
  • Exploring alternative energy options
  • EPA Superfund Cleanup for New Bedford Harbor. Learn more

Green Port

The Port of New Bedford is making every effort to become the first “green port” on the East Coast. As part of this campaign, New Bedford partnered with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and private industry and became the first port in the continental U.S. to roll out the “Fishing for Energy” program where derelict fishing nets are collected and burned for fuel.

The Port is pursuing several other measures to earn the “Green Port” designation including shoreside power, waste oil collection, bilge water storage, treatment and transfer services, development of recycling stations, installation of solar trash cans, use of lower content sulfur and alternative fuels, implementation of conservation practices, and storm water management.

Safe Harbor

The New Bedford Harbor is one of the most well protected harbors in the region as it is blessed with a unique geography, a deep embayment that protects the Harbor from rough seas and severe weather. Adding to the natural protection of the Harbor is the fully encompassing Hurricane Barrier, which was constructed and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The structure includes closeable gates to prevent the penetration of storm surge, protecting the entire industrial waterfront. Because of these protections, the Port of New Bedford has been designated as a Port of Safe Refuge, and often hosts passing vessels seeking refuge during severe storm events.

Secure Port

The City of New Bedford takes the issue of port security very seriously and has a specially trained port security unit as a part of its regular police force. The Marine Unit of the New Bedford Police Force contains dedicated officers whose primary function is to provide policing for the Port. The team includes police divers, vessel operators, and law enforcement personnel that are specially trained in protection and public safety associated with our nations Ports. The Port of New Bedford is an International Port, and has a posting of Coast Guard, Homeland Security, State Police and Immigration officials that monitor and oversee all aspects of security related to visiting foreign vessels. New Bedford Port Security Unit operates several law enforcement vessels in the Port, and is equipped with state-of-the-art above-water and underwater monitoring and imaging equipment.

As such, the Port has aggressively sought and received Port Security Grants that provide funds to continually upgrade the Ports security status. A recent example includes funding of $3.5M to deploy a port-wide surveillance system and bring new security infrastructure on line.

In the event of fire

The New Bedford Fire Department provides significant support to the Port of New Bedford.  The Fire Unit department owns and operates two (2) marine fire vessels to assist with safety and security protocols.  The Fire Unit protects the Port, helps prevent fires and provides services to recover from fires, oil spills, severe weather events and other circumstances.  They ensure tradesmen using the Port have current permits; plan firework events; and participate in preparedness meetings.


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