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New Bedford: A Dynamic Port of Call

Two terrific cruise lines make New Bedford a regular stop on their tours of historic New England harbors.

  • American Cruise Lines -  Cruise New England Islands
    Here's how this small ship cruise line describes New Bedford:"From cobblestone streets and 17th century architecture to the inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick, discover seafaring heritage of new England's quaint islands and seaport villages."
  • Blount Small Ship Adventure - Cruise Islands of New England
    Blount Small Ships explains what you'll see:"Visit the seaside city of New Bedford, MA, once one of the world's premier whaling ports. In fact, Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick, worked here as a whaler in the 19th century.  Learn about the rich history at the New Bedford Whaling Museum before cruising over to Block Island, RI."

New Bedford is enjoying a renaissance of the arts and offers a vibrant mix of museums, theater and music.  The Whaling National Historic Park downtown features galleries, shops and restaurants along its cobblestone streets as well as the world renowned New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Go to these sections to help you navigate the Port of New Bedford and our historic city streets.

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