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Coordinating Agencies & Organizations

The New Bedford Port Authority(NBPA) abides by external policies and/or regulations and coordinates with local, state and/or federal agencies as well as community organizations in order to implement projects and/or run its operations. The following sections provide background information on each of the coordinating agencies/organizations by the following sub-operations:

Safety and Security

The NBPA is the designated governing authority of the Port by the Massachusetts General Court under Chapter 762 of the Acts of 1957. New Bedford Harbormaster officials act as an agent of the NBPA who are responsible for maintenance of all NBPA facilities and enforces local laws relating to marine environmental protection, negligent boat operation and general use of the watersheet. The Harbormaster officials also operate the boat waste pump-out facilities (at no cost, in accordance with state environmental regulations), conduct emergency pumping of boats when sinking at the dock or out on the Harbor, and are responsible for clear access (snow removal) to all NBPA landside facilities. The Harbormaster officials also reserve the right to issue parking violations within NBPA facilities.

The U.S. Coast Guard, State Environmental Police, New Bedford Port Security Unit all have a strong presence in the Port and aim to protect the interests of maritime commerce.

Environmental Management

The NBPA supports local maritime businesses and encourages responsible waste management through the operation and maintenance of port waste facilities. Also, the NBPA  monitors the waterfront for oil spills and floating debris daily, and ensures that operational activities do not interfere with natural resources. The NBPA  is also responsible for containing spills. If a vessel is damaged, sinks, or otherwise spills oil in New Bedford Harbor, the NBPA  will use a 110 foot oil boom to isolate and contain persistent and non-persistent substances.

Natural Resources

The NBPA  coordinates and works with the following agencies:

Planning, Development, and Tourism

The NBPA  also coordinates and works with the following municipal and state department offices and agencies::

Local Cultural/Historical Organizations

The NBPA  coordinates and works with the following groups:

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