Port of New Bedford

America's #1 Fishing Port

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About the port

The city's greatest natural resource, economically and historically


Take a tour of our Port

This explains the pages listed below:

  • About the Harbor offers information links, all the key harbor contacts and gives the history of our city
  • Harbor Maps lets you take a tour of our harbor and see its literal layout
  • Key Features shares the Port's economic prowess and geographical desirability
  • Your Guide to New Bedford shows you what to do and how to get there
  • Coordinating Agencies explains how all the different local, state, federal and private organizations work together to keep everything flowing smoothly
  • In the Press archives articles about the Port of New Bedford
  • Transportation tells you how to get around
  • Parking gives you multiple convenient parking options
  • Port Services Directory provides a complete list of every marine service available in New Bedford
  • Commercial Newsletter is the interactive flipbook about the Port's working waterfront
  • Recreational Newsletter is the interactive flipbook about the Harbor's activities and amenities for the upcoming season.

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